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Take A Scrum PRODUCT OWNER Online Training...

If you looking for the best Scrum Product Owner online training which get you ready to pass your certification, and support you to gain employment, you have come to the right place.

Our Essential Product Ownership Training Course is designed to provide aspiring, existing Product Owners or Scrum Masters with a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities, techniques, and best practices required to excel as a Product Owner. This course ensures that participants gain the necessary skills and knowledge to becomes effective Product Owners in today's fast-paced business environments.

- Virtual live interactive classes with outstanding trainers and great support
- Get hands on experience to prepare you for product owner job with real life examples
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  • Recent studies show that half of employees feel frustration or a lack of career progression in their current workplace.

  • Steady career development is the key to sustained success.

Do you feel your current job no longer provides you opportunities to grow? Then it's time for something new!



  • The future of Product Ownership looks very bright. As the importance of digital products and services continues to grow, there will be a strong demand for professionals who are skilled in defining and prioritizing product features and requirements

  • Product Owners skills are in high demand and many organizations are struggling to find qualified professionals to fill their open positions

  • There are up to 13,000 well paying jobs advertised on job boards daily.

Learn More About our Mission

This course aims to help participants fully understand product ownership, its principles and practices. The course will help participants develop good understanding of what it takes to be successful product owners. It will give you the necessary skills to support your team in order to deliver products of value to customers.

Weekend Classes: Saturdays 10am - 1pm EST and Sundays 5pm - 8pm EST. These classes runs concurrently for 4 weekends.



Our Services

  • We Train You

  • Case Studies & Class Activities With Workbook

  • Certification Prep With Question Bank

  • Help With Your Resume

  • Support With Interview Skills

  • LinkedIn Profile Review

  • Weekly Live Office Hours

We love helping people to unlearn, relearn and learn necessary skills to help find gainful employments.

Way to success
Brainstorming session


We are confident that we can help you achieve your goals and objectives in order to obtain product ownership mastery. We will work hand in hand with you every step of the way to ensure a seamless process.

Learning Modules

We will work hard to deliver the following modules: Product management, product ownership, product value, product delivery, product roadmap

A Great Advantage

Learn about becoming an effective and successful Product Owner. We will help you, the question is, "Do you have the will and the zeal" to become a successful Product Owner.

Willingness To Learn

Learn about becoming an effective and successful Product Owner. We will help you if you are willing and determined to become a successful Product Owner.

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