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Learning Objectives

Some of the benefits, deliverables and learning outcomes for this training:

Course Objectives:

1. Product Management strategies and principles

2. Customer value, exploring the solution and defining value

3. Product definitions and what is Product Life Cycle

4. Gain mastery of prioritizing and managing product backlogs effectively including refinement, best practices, inspecting and adapting strategies

5. Release management, estimation, prioritization, and MVP

6. Building product and product roadmaps, vision, goal, personas etc.

7. Understand the role of a Product Owner, responsibilities, skillset, expectations and their importance with an Agile team

8. Agile product delivery and iterative, incremental approaches

9. Agile tools, reporting and governance

10. Learn how to collaborate and effectively communicate with stakeholders

11. Understand the importance of user-centric design and continuous improvement

Course Deliverables:

Course workbook with detail course material, exercises, and case studies

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